What a Day!

This is how my day was today. Pretty spectacular.

We started our day with a delicious meal at Cyrila’s Chocolate – a meal of chocolate chicken, with chocolate drink and chocolate pieces for dessert.  Yummy.

Then we needed to visit a property so we started at the beginning of the property at the road side and travelled to the back, traipsing through the jungle to get to the back of the property, through creeks, climbing over rocks and under tree branches.  This first picture doesn’t really give an indication of the density of the jungle we were going through.  And at times, my Nike running shoes just weren’t doing the job – not enough traction.  So the going was kind of rough going up and down the hills.

Creek Crossing in San Felipe Village

So, after trekking through the jungle for about 1.5 hours, after looking at a couple of small caves, and examining some of the jungle foliage we came out the other side.

Hills in San Felipe Village

Take a look at that hill – that’s where we were, notice the density of the trees – it was interesting.  Our guide in the front was using his machete to clear the path for us.

Dirty Shoes

Notice the dirty shoes?  The bottoms of the legs weren’t much better and even the bottoms of my pants were wet from where we went into the stream.  I was thankful for the stream crossings because it gave me a chance to clean some of the mud off my shoes.

The next stop in my day was at another jungle property. Up and down over the fallen tree trunks and the tree roots, over slippery muddy trails and searching our way to the Columbia River.  What a beautiful river it was and I’m not sure why I didn’t get any shots.  Maybe because of the hills I was too busy catching my breath.  Good thing I quit smoking 10 years ago or I really would have been left breathless, and not just from the view.  We also visited Lubantuun, an archeological site where a crystal skull was supposed to have been found.

Lubantuun 4

Lubantuun 5

The next stop was at the top of one of those hills we see in the surrounding country side of the Toledo District.  We could see for miles, and miles…

Hill Top View with Cistern

Hill Top Views 2

Hill Top Views 4

And then at the end of it all, after close to 4 hours of hiking up and down hills, the day has come to an end.  And here is the end result. Really dirty running shoes, and a few scrapes across my arms and the bottoms of my legs from the vines that seemed to tangle me at every step.

Really Dirty Shoes

And for dinner – plantain pancakes with rum sauce.

Plantain Pancakes with Rum Sauce

 What a day it has been, and I am one tired girl.


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