Doctor Flies Are Back

06 Feb

I call them stealth bombers because they are sneaky and their wings are shaped like a stealth bomber and they come at you seemingly out of nowhere.  Their flying patterns are inconsistent, irregular making it more difficult to keep an eye on them for swatting.

Doctor Fly

It is the female that bites to obtain a blood meal to develop her eggs and peak season is from April to June, it can be present from March through November.  It is early this year and I suspect it is because we have had a very wet early year.

These pests are more than annoying, they are persistent.  They come once, twice, three times and then they strike.    This is one biting insect that actually inflicts pain to me, but I still consider myself one of the fortunate ones because after 20 minutes the itch goes away and I have no ill effects, no bumps, no bruises, nothing.  Other people aren’t so lucky.  They end up with welts, allergic reactions and the bites leave welts/bumps sometimes lasting days.    What works for me is just time (I haven’t really tried anything else) because after 20 minutes all symptoms disappear.  For others, they take antihistamines, use hot teaspoons as a compress, or rub Vicks, lemon grass oil, or lavender oil on the bite mark.  At the end of the day use whatever works for you, and be sure to let the rest of us know.

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  1. Liz

    February 6, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Benedryl Spray


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