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Belize Real Estate Equity

Chances are, if you’re looking for real estate in Belize you aren’t thinking of equity.  Typically, when we think of equity we think in terms of monetary benefits, how much of a financial improvement our property has made which contributes to extra dollars towards our net worth.  Generally it is considered as the value of an ownership interest in property, and is the difference between the market value and unpaid mortgage balance on a home.  However, equity can also be thought of in non-financial terms.  In a more non-structured expression, equity can be considered as the value, or the benefit received from owing or participating in a particular activity.

This is where Belize equity comes in.  Don’t think of the equity received in owning your own piece of paradise as the difference between paid price and value increase.  Instead, consider the equity as the value added of actually owning a piece of the jewel, Belize.  Many people will attest to the relaxing holidays spent in this gorgeous small country, and still speak highly of their vacation months and even years later.  We buy cottages in locations several hours away from our homes because of the relaxation that we associate with vacationing in this single spot year after year.  Much time and resources are spent maintaining summer cottages.  And yes, in many cases, there is an increase in financial equity.  But the owners don’t usually consider this when deciding to purchase a cottage.  Now, take this same thinking and apply it to a property purchase in Belize.  You have the potential for financial equity, and for health and welfare equity, which, in the long run may be even more of a value than improving the bottom line.


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