Knowledge is Key – Part 2

20 Aug

Last week I had a young lady visit me at my home.  Her name was Jennifer and she came by to see if I wanted to order a chicken dinner as part of a church fundraiser to help the poor.  So, being the soft-hearted person that I am, I bought two dinners.    The fundraiser was to take place at the church on Saturday, August 18 starting at 10.  Well, I couldn’t go because of have a prior meeting engagement and I told this to Jennifer.  She told me she would bring the chicken to me on Saturday.  We also got talking a bit about her and her dreams.  She told me that she finished 2nd in her grade at her school – she just finished what we in Canada call grade 8.  And since she did so well, she pretty much had the choice of where she could go to high school.  But she told me that because of financial issues with the family she might not be able to go.  Her parents could come up with the tuition but not money for textbooks, uniform, writing materials.  So I told her I would put on my thinking cap and see how I could help her out.

I gave her the money, put my name on the ticket, and waited until Saturday.  True enough, on Saturday my chicken was brought to me but since I was tied up on the call I couldn’t talk with her.   She returned on Sunday and we talked a bit more.  She wants to become either a nurse or a teacher – both noble professions and definitely necessary here in Belize.  She wants to go to high school in Belmopan and she will move in with her sister.  This way she can get the help with homework that she thinks she might need.

To help her and other girls like her in Punta Gorda I have created a fundraising initiative with all the proceeds being put towards providing funding for Jennifer and other girls like her who can use our help.  Please visit to make your contribution.   I have set the initiative for only 30 days as school will be starting soon.  When the campaign is finished I will post the results.  Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures too.  If you are unable to help financially, please help by forwarding the link to the website – tell others, and let’s make this a successful campaign!

Thank you

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