A Scenic Sunday

01 Jul

The first week back has been a week of trying to get back into the groove of things.  Mostly the week was pretty boring, just trying to put things back into perspective – what needs done now, and what gets done tomorrow.  That kind of stuff…And then comes today.

My friend and associate Victor took me out to look at the scenery today.  I want to start making a still picture video about this area and all its beauty so today we were going to look at some of the creeks and rivers to get some pictures.  The places are gorgeous but any pictures I took today just doesn’t do the area any justice.  For some reason, and I just noticed this today, all my pictures seem to look like they are taken on a cloudy day.  Even when it isn’t.  Will need to figure that out.  So I will share with you some of the things I did today.

Sulphur SpringsWhat makes this picture so interesting is  that it is a sulphur spring.  This creek is in the jungle near Big Falls, a few miles outside Punta Gorda.  you can smell a bit of sulphur from the road and the smell doesn’t really get any stronger reaching the source.  At the top of this picture, notice that the water is relatively clear compared to the bottom of the picture.  This is where the water bubbles up out of the ground bringing the sulphur with it.  The water at the bottom is brown and cloudy because we have had rain and the waters have been stirred up.

My friend Victor put his hand into the water at the source and it came out smelling like sulphur.  The smell at this point wasn’t too strong, definitely not as strong as I would have expected.

Sonny and Eduardo

This picture is interesting because of the people in it, 2 gentlemen, Sonny and Eduardo.   As Victor and I were out looking at scenery we came across these two guys who were near a field of cattle, 11 head to be exact.

Eduardo (right) lives in the village of Big Falls and is hoping in the next couple of years to run for the position of chairman of the village.  This is the equivalent of the mayor in our cities in North America.  He is a young man but he believes he would be good for the role.

Sonny (left) was by the fence petting one of the cows.  He was picking grass and feeding it to her and she seemed to really be loving it.  At one point she was trying to lick his hand.  He was explaining to me the types of cows he had including a Brahma bull used for stud services.  The cows looked pretty healthy and meaty compared to others I have seen around.

At one point while Sonny was near the cows I walked over and took some pictures of the cows up close.  I’m a city girl, having never been so close to a cow that was still standing up.  My mother loves the eyes of cows, the soft warm brown liquid pools surrounded by long lashes.  I could see what she was talking about when I was that close.  I walked over to the fence and stood talking with Sonny about his cows.  He welcomed my questions and didn’t seem perturbed at my city ignorance.  He spoke with a bit of pride of ownership.

Sonny and the Cows

So while I didn’t get any pictures today of the waterways in and around Toledo, I did meet a couple more people and I got to see areas I hadn’t seen before.  Amazingly, for all the times that I have ridden down the Southern Highway between Big Falls and Punta Gorda I missed a major element of the scenery.  On the right hand side, not too far from the roadside is a lagoon.  When Victor pointed it out to me today I couldn’t believe I had missed it all these times.  It’s not like it was hidden behind jungle flora – no it was visible from the road and I just missed it.  I didn’t take any pictures of that either because of the rain stirring up the waters.  But we are going back out that way when it hasn’t rained for a couple of days and I will have pictures then.

At the end of the day, I didn’t achieve my one objective of getting still pictures that could be used in a video, but I did have quite the little tour, and I met a couple more people who treated me as if I wasn’t an expat.

Oh, one more thing – I saw this today too.  Can you guess what it is?  Don’t mind the mud on my shoe – that got there trying to cross the creek getting to the source of the sulphur spring…

Tarantula - Squashed

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One response to “A Scenic Sunday

  1. millerro

    July 2, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Looks like a dead taranchula to this city boy that was born on a farm!!


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