It’s Been 5 Months…

04 Jun

It has been almost 5 months since I have come to Belize and my emotions have been all over the map. When I first got here I was very happy as this was the start of my dream come true. I wanted to be in a tropical area where I can help to make a difference in my own style. I was taken in by the scenery, by the beauty that is the Toledo District in Belize. From the high jungle covered hills to the wide-open sea I find the area to be quite a spectacular panorama or the eyes. In short, the area is stunningly beautiful. Anytime I go for a drive up the Southern Highway, or anytime I look over the calming sea I remember, and feel again, the pleasure I felt when I first arrived.

Snorkelling with my husband, taking pictures with underwater camera.

As time went on and I become more and more involved in making a new life and making a living for myself that dream faded a bit. But every time I took that drive or looked over the sea I remembered. The downside is that is doesn’t happen often enough.

View Rounding the Corner Down Southern Highway

I now life in a place where, when I open my front door, I get a view of the sea. It’s mixed with elements of civilization – overhead wires, building rooftops – however I have learned to focus on the view of the water just beyond. And whenever I look out towards the water I am calmed, and feel at peace with the decision to come here.

River Flowing over Stones

Of course there are aspects of my life back in Canada that I miss. I don’t miss the snow, I don’t miss the cold, and I don’t miss the ice or driving in these conditions. I don’t miss the traffic, I don’t miss the rudeness and I don’t miss the cutthroat business attitudes. I do miss my family very much and I really miss my grandchild. I knew I would but some days are harder than others. I have pictures and they flash on my computer always but they aren’t the same. Some members of my circle have been very good about staying in touch. The internet really helps in this – it’s as if I am just down the street. A quick message here, a short comment there – these help me to stay connected.

65th Birthday

I won’t tell you that this journey has been real easy – there are some days…  However, there haven’t been any insurmountable obstacles and I have learned over the years that keeping my eyes on the prize makes those obstacles smaller. Coming here had been my dream for a long time and I am living my dream.

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