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A Trip Home

It has been a couple of weeks since my last writing and it has been a busy couple of weeks.  I went back to Canada for a visit for 8 days, so prior to the trip I had work that needed to be done in preparation for my absence.  Of course I planned on spending time working while I was back but that didn’t happen.

The vacation itself was enjoyable as I was able to see my family and I got to spend some definite quality time with my granddaughter, a.k.a. Baby Doll.

The trip home was a day from you know where.  Up at 5 to catch the local plane from Punta Gorda at 6:15.  No 2 hours ahead here, thank goodness.  But my shower head had blown a gasket the day before so it shot water all over the place.  I had to take time to clean it up but I knew I would be coming back to a clean apartment :-).

My stomach was really bothering me and just got worse as the day went on.  I met a lovely couple from Canada who were just finishing up their honeymoon in Placencia so we spent our waiting time together.  The plane getting into Belize was 30 minutes late, so it left Belize 30 minutes late.  Sometimes this isn’t a big deal, but when you only have an hour at the connecting terminal to make the connecting flight and you have to go through customs, well an hour isn’t long enough.  And it wasn’t for me.  The flight left without me.  Apparently they paged me but I didn’t even hear the page.  I suspect I was still in line at customs when they paged.  So now I have to wait for an additional 3 hours, which I guess could have been worse.  But with a tummy that was causing me a lot of grief, it wasn’t a pleasant 3 hours.   And of course, customer service for the airline in Houston was not as helpful as I would have liked.  They liked to spout FAA rules at me.  Not what a disgruntled customer wants to hear…

So finally the next flight is ready to leave and I get back to Toronto at 11:28 p.m., 3 hours behind the original schedule.  I walk to the carousel to grab my luggage and the day just got worse.  Somebody, and right now I can’t even tell you who is responsible, put a huge hole through the top of my suitcase where the handle is.  The frame is also bent into a teepee shape.  So now I need to take additional time filing a claim with the customer service department of United.  Oh, by the way, this whole trip was on United.  I booked Continental but United took over Continental so United was it.  Definitely not my first choice.

Damaged luggage
Damaged luggage

Anyway, I file my claim with United customer service and was told to take my luggage to one of two locations where it will be assessed to determine if repair or replace was in order.  Neither location was acceptable to me as both were quite a ways away from where I was going to be.  I only had limited time back and most of the time was taken up with visiting and appointments so I didn’t really have time to run around at United’s whim.

Now I am back in Belize, since Monday, 1 full week after the incident happened with my luggage.  We are having trouble getting anybody to help us or to even answer the phone.  The run around, my gosh, you would almost think the company orchestrated it and instructed the staff to pass the buck.  It’s the airports’ responsibility, no it’s the airline’s responsibility, no this is the department for lost luggage, not damaged luggage, no I can’t transfer you to damaged luggage because our phones don’t work that way.    And finally today?  My husband is told that the lady I filed the claim with in the first place had the authority to issue a voucher to replace my luggage.  AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!  Can you say customer service – NOT!

But I am back in Belize, glad to be back here, love the scenery and the place.  It was warm back in Canada, almost as warm as here but I didn’t sweat nearly as much as I do here so I felt hotter.  It was good to see my family and I sure do wish they would decide to come and be here with me and my hubby but as that isn’t going to happen I have to make as much out of the visits as I can.  And there is always the internet and a web cam.

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And This Past Week….

The Rainy Season!

June 1 came and I think, so did the rains.  So far it hasn’t been what I was expecting but it is early days yet.  So far about 60% of the days of this month have been rainy.  Many of those days were accompanied by lightning, thundering, power outages, water outages.  But what I had been led to believe was that it would get so wet that our clothes wouldn’t dry.  Not yet so far….but like I said – it is early on in the season.

The days have also seemed to be hotter.  Even I am having trouble with staying cool and that hasn’t been much of an issue until now.  The breeze isn’t even cooling me down, especially as it isn’t always coming in the front door.

On another note – this past week I also took the third stab at making tortillas – and I think I was pretty successful.  I had asked one of the locals how she makes her tortillas – and learned a little secret – use oil instead of shortening  – and I think I missed a step last time – or maybe I just had a different recipe.   🙂

The circus came to town this week and is supposed to be here for 10 days.  The first show was scheduled for Friday evening.  A car drove around town Thursday and Friday announcing the circus.  People from the surrounding villages hopped on their buses, or caught rides in passing pick-ups.  People rented rooms in various small hotels in anticipation of a late night.  Actually, I think the buses don’t go back to the villages that late.  So all plans made….

And they cancel the circus on Friday night.

Life in small town Central America.


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It’s Been 5 Months…

It has been almost 5 months since I have come to Belize and my emotions have been all over the map. When I first got here I was very happy as this was the start of my dream come true. I wanted to be in a tropical area where I can help to make a difference in my own style. I was taken in by the scenery, by the beauty that is the Toledo District in Belize. From the high jungle covered hills to the wide-open sea I find the area to be quite a spectacular panorama or the eyes. In short, the area is stunningly beautiful. Anytime I go for a drive up the Southern Highway, or anytime I look over the calming sea I remember, and feel again, the pleasure I felt when I first arrived.

Snorkelling with my husband, taking pictures with underwater camera.

As time went on and I become more and more involved in making a new life and making a living for myself that dream faded a bit. But every time I took that drive or looked over the sea I remembered. The downside is that is doesn’t happen often enough.

View Rounding the Corner Down Southern Highway

I now life in a place where, when I open my front door, I get a view of the sea. It’s mixed with elements of civilization – overhead wires, building rooftops – however I have learned to focus on the view of the water just beyond. And whenever I look out towards the water I am calmed, and feel at peace with the decision to come here.

River Flowing over Stones

Of course there are aspects of my life back in Canada that I miss. I don’t miss the snow, I don’t miss the cold, and I don’t miss the ice or driving in these conditions. I don’t miss the traffic, I don’t miss the rudeness and I don’t miss the cutthroat business attitudes. I do miss my family very much and I really miss my grandchild. I knew I would but some days are harder than others. I have pictures and they flash on my computer always but they aren’t the same. Some members of my circle have been very good about staying in touch. The internet really helps in this – it’s as if I am just down the street. A quick message here, a short comment there – these help me to stay connected.

65th Birthday

I won’t tell you that this journey has been real easy – there are some days…  However, there haven’t been any insurmountable obstacles and I have learned over the years that keeping my eyes on the prize makes those obstacles smaller. Coming here had been my dream for a long time and I am living my dream.

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