Phone Book

26 Apr

2012 Belize Phone Book

I recently picked up my phone book for 2012.  The size is approximately 7″ tall by about 5″ wide and about 1″ thick.   Now you might say that a phone book is a phone book is a phone book.  But this one is a bit of a surprise.First off, it contains listings for the entire country, broken down according to town local and district rural.  I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising seeing as how I can call pretty much the entire country as if it were a local call.Another surprise was that it contains email addresses of all individuals who have active accounts with Belize TeleMedia – BTL. I guess this is pretty easy to do in a country that only has 330,000 citizens and not all have email addresses.Of course, there are the standard Yellow Pages listing businesses from the entire country.  The yellow pages contain subsections containing a hotel guide and a restaurant guide.  There is the standard government pages section and there is also a section including information about the different cultures that are represented here. I really like that the entire country is at my fingertips, especially as you can’t get everything in all Districts.

Just another little tidbit of news about this country that is Belize.

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