Legal Work Requirements

23 Apr

It’s time to give an update on my legal status here in Belize. After the issues with my work permit, the process for obtaining my other documentation has been anti-climactic.

When I received my work permit I was informed that I needed to get a social insurance card.  I thought, oh great, more governmental red tape.  But it actually turned out to be a relatively easy process.  I went to the social security office to make my application.  The individual who was helping me did goof once – he told me that I would have to pay a fee of $25 BZD, but that was after telling me that there was no fee necessary.  So I asked him to show me where it was written about the fee.  He came back to his desk and told me that I didn’t have to pay the fee, the fee is applicable only on renewal.  I did have to have my picture taken though (again).

Note to those coming in to Belize – any pictures you need to have for government documentation – make sure your shoulders are covered.

After the picture was taken I was told to come back the following week, Monday.  Well, it turns out that was Easter Monday, and here in Belize all government offices are closed Easter Monday.  So I went to the office on the Tuesday after Easter Monday.  My card wasn’t in and I was told it was to be delivered to the Punta Gorda office end of day Tuesday and to come back Wednesday.  Well, I didn’t get back until today.  I picked up my card and the clerk who took my picture made sure that my shoulders were not showing in the picture.  Overall, a relatively easy process.

Same as for getting my Trade License – quite a smooth process.  No picture involved this time though, thank goodness.  I made my application, paid my fee and picked up my Trade License a week later.

So, definitely, after the mess that was the work permit, getting the social security card and Trade License was a smooth process.

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