Dinner and an Earthquake

23 Apr

Yesterday, at precisely 5:36 p.m., according to my blackberry phone, I received a call inviting me out for dinner. Or more precisely, bbq.  Of course I accepted.  And I was glad for the invite because otherwise my evening was to be spent, like so many other evenings, in front of my computer, doing who knows what!    And besides, I like the people.  So over the next few minutes, while deciding if I should change, getting ready, messing around with the doors, and finally I make my way out.  The walk wasn’t long and I was at the house by 6:00 p.m.  Talking with my hosts and a few minutes later one of them gets a text message asking if we felt the earthquake.  What?!?  I then receive an email from somebody asking if we are okay, with the subject of Heard about the Quake.  Started doing a search and couldn’t find anything about an earthquake and since we hadn’t felt anything we just carried on about our business.  As the evening goes on, enjoying bbq chicken, flour tortillas, beans and coleslaw and more people came.  Apparently they did feel the earthquake.  It turns out there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake centered near Puerto Barrios Guatemala.  Puerto Barrios is only 45 minutes away by boat, across the harbour.  Didn’t feel a thing.   Maybe because it had a depth of 35.5 miles….

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