Work Permit – Continued Again

25 Feb

So, I think it was Thursday when I made my way to the Social Security office only to be told there was no tax office in Punta Gorda. When I got out of the office I called my lawyer’s office and informed them about this. During this conversation I told her I would be going to Dangriga to obtain the letter and that I might as well head up to Belmopan myself to get my passport stamped. I requested she contact the official in Belmopan (capital city of Belize, and seat of government) to set up an appointment for me so that I could actually meet with somebody instead of just taking my chances. She informed me she would call and set up the appointment and would get back to me. I gave myself a break for the rest of Thursday from this dilemma – my brain was starting to hurt from all the things that now needed to be done every time I completed a step. It shouldn’t be this disorganized, but it is. I felt I could relax a little because I did have the permit approved letter in hand. So Friday morning, just after 8:00 a.m. I receive a call from the lawyer’s office informing me that the tax letter had been taken care of and that I didn’t need to obtain one myself. I was also informed that it was now possible for me to get my passport stamped at the immigration office here in Punta Gorda. This stamp informs officials that I have an approved work permit and means that I do not have to get my passport stamped every month at the immigration office. So the lawyer’s representative put the required fee onto the plane and sent it to me from Belize City to Punta Gorda. I am to take that cheque into the immigration office Monday morning. The paperwork is waiting on the desk of an official I went to see Friday morning and he is now just waiting for the fee.

This Should Be It!!!

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One response to “Work Permit – Continued Again

  1. Bob

    February 25, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Let’s hope so….geeeez



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