PG Day

28 Jan

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Today is PG Day in Punta Gorda. From what I can see, it is a community gathering in the local town park and people come from all over, including the outlying villages, to participate. The day started off rainy which may have prevented some people from coming to the festivities. But others came out to support the community. Funds are being raised by some individuals in the various booths to support different charities, such as cancer treatments, Remar Belize (a Christian outreach organization to support those addicted to drugs, alcoholics, abandoned children and others), and the hospital children’s ward.
The music is caribbean in flavour and is playing loud enough to rival a rock concert – it just beats through your body. Personally, I love that sensation, but I think I am in a minority.
I enjoyed the quaint atmosphere, the attempt to keep things authentic with the bamboo and palm leaf booths. Even though the picture doesn’t show it, I love that the rain puddle didn’t stop the little boy from playing on the swings – just dragged his feet through the water.
And you will even notice that there are many similarities to community events in your own hometown. People walking and talking on cellphones, beer wagons, food booths. Some things are the same in many places.

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