Went for a walk….

26 Jan

Today is the first day I have really gone for a good walk since I have been here.  And I haven’t been for a good walk since the middle of December or thereabouts so you can imagine how good it felt to just get out today.  As I was walking, I went by one of the restaurants down by Gomier’s Restaurant where the proprietor invited me to enjoy my stay in P.G.  I informed him that I was moving here and he welcomed me to his town.  People I walked by smiled and said hello, it didn’t matter who they were or if they were alone.  People driving by were waving to me, people in the backs of pickup trucks were saying hello as they passed by because they recognized me from an earlier conversation we had.    A couple of days ago, I stumbled over a partically buried stone and twisted my ankle, scraped my leg (I’m okay mom) and I was kinda hobbling around town doing my errands.  The young man today stopped to ask me how me how my “feet” was.

Time and time again, I have experienced this kind of reaction from the local Belizeans.  When I first hurt my foot, I was hobbling over to the laundromat and I had an individual offer to give me a free massage on my foot (I declined).  On the way back carrying my laundry this same gentleman offered to carry my laundry for me.  I didn’t have far to go so I refused his offer again.

This town is welcoming me and I am surprised at this.  The friendliness, the openness of the people is definitely a refreshing change.  I am not saying that it is perfect here – I think local pride regarding community cleanliness could do with a boost or several, but when it comes to friendliness, the people I have met so far certainly do make me feel welcome.

I am glad my ankle was just twisted and not broken because my mother-in-law’s prediction that I would be going home soon just might have come to fruition sooner than I wanted it to.  Sorry to disappoint mom-in-law.  I like it here, I like the heat, I like the atmosphere.  And I didn’t feel strange going for a good energizing walk.

I am including a map of the town here so you can get an idea of what the layout of the land is.

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