Perils in Paradise

19 Jan

Part 3

I heard the strangest thing today. A shopowner was telling me that his daughter was sick and get this – he blamed it on the weather. As of 7:00 p.m. central time, the temperature was still 26 degrees celsius and he was blaming the weather. Seems that blaming the weather is a universal excuse for when somebody gets sick. I chuckled when he said this because it was the probably the last thing I expected as an explanation for a bug.

But when you think about it – the environment I am in right now is probably more conducive to the transmission of viruses than the Canadian climate during the winter. I have moved into a more permanent location and all three other people in this household have colds. I guess the virus loves the atmosphere as I have heard that a lot of people right now are ill.

Another peril that I have come across is acclimatization – believe it or not, as I write this blog, I am cold. Chilled, goosebumps, want a sweater cold. I didn’t bring a sweater with me and right now I really could use it. Long pants too. It would appear that I have gotten used to this climate faster than I expected. I guess this is a good thing because right now is the “dry” season, when temperatures are at their lowest. When the rainy season arrives and the daytime temperatures rise I need to be able to handle them.

Belize it or not!

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