Perils in Paradise

18 Jan

Part 2

Another downside to paradise can be the pests. Yesterday was a day when the pests seemed to have more control over me than I would have liked. We, Bob and I were out with an expat Canadian, John doing some sight-seeing and getting to know the lay of the land, and I felt something touch my foot. I had open-toed shoes on and when I felt this contact, I gave a bit of a yelp and jumped a bit as well. You know guys, of course they laughed, especially when they saw that the critter which had caused my inadvertent behaviour was a little frog or toad. It wasn’t very big but I really wasn’t expecting to see it either.

Later in the day when Bob and I went out for dinner to John’s place, called Mandarin Inn, I was eaten alive (almost) by sand fleas. These things are tiny and they get through the smallest holes in the screens. And the screens here take a beating because of the sea air so they aren’t exactly in pristine condition. In days gone by, Bob would be the one attacked by the critters and they mostly left me alone. Now, I am the target and I am starting to have a bit of empathy for what Bob put up with over the past years.

I have this red mark on my leg, not itchy or anything, but it did hurt while the little pest was biting me. I think the pest is a doctor fly as the mark is much larger than what a sand flea leaves and I have seen a couple of doctor flies around my leg. It doesn’t hurt or anything and I guess I am lucky because on some people the bite can cause and itchy, swollen area. It is only the female that bites and I don’t know if it is to feed the young or not, like mosquitoes.

Doctor Fly

Having complained about these minor nuisances now, I can tell you that their presence does not deter from the adventure. Rubbing alcohol spread across the skin takes the itch out and settles down any irritants. As long as there are easy remedies, the pests will not be a problem.

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