Miscellaneous Banter

15 Jan

Another beautiful day, now, in PG. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are making noise and things are comfortable. Well, that is what it was like when I started writing this morning. Next thing I knew, it was pouring. And it has rained on and off all day. All in all though, the day has been pretty comfortable temperature-wise. I went and bought an umbrella since I don’t really want to be stuck inside when it is raining.

I had an interesting conversation with a woman about dogs and stoop and scoop. Around here there are lots and lots of dogs, most of them running free through the streets. And with that you would expect to see little piles of animal droppings all over. According to this woman, because it rains most evenings, it all gets washed away. There must be something to what she says because you don’t see the droppings.

When we went out for our morning coffee today we met an individual named Scott at the restaurant. He is here from Santa Barbara, California and is in the process of building his home and planning on living off the grid as much as possible. We talked about all sorts of things – such as real estate, his property, picking locals up on the side of the road and giving them rides. The interesting thing about this interaction is that we hadn’t met him before and when we went into the restaurant, he was sitting at a table by himself and he asked us to join him. Out of the blue – so we did and talked for about 30 minutes. Another contact made.

Yesterday, Hubby and I were out walking and we met a woman in the town square selling coconut choco bananas. We bought one each and started talking with her. Next thing, she invited us back to her home to meet her husband. We went and ended up visiting for about 2 hours, learning all sorts of things about the two of them. They are from somewhere in Florida and they decided to just get rid of most of their worldly possessions and move to Punta Gorda. They have been here for about 15 months and have created a life for themselves.

Town Square

We were out in one of the supermarkets yesterday and ended up talking with another woman from nearby Hopeville. We enjoyed friendly conversation for about 10 minutes or so.

Over and over we have had experiences like this – people willing to sit and share the time of day with you. Is it because we are all strangers to this colourful location? Or is it because people are so much more relaxed that we have time for each other? I don’t have the immediate answer to this but I do know that this kind of environment is good for my psyche and I am sure it is good for many others as well.

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