15 Days To Go

28 Dec

Two weeks until I board the plane to my new life in Belize. Still so much to do, and this time of year makes it just a bit more difficult to get the tasks done. Not only am I packing to move to a warmer climate but we are packing to move my husband to a different home. What with it being Christmas and the visiting that goes with this holiday, to the double packing, to the trying to visit everybody to say good-bye, I am running out of time. When I was in Belize last time I didn’t finish getting my Twinrix shots so I have to arrange for the 3rd shot. Dentist visits, doctor visits, all sandwiched in between with Christmas and visiting and it is getting tight for time.
But, I am excited and if I don’t get everything done then that is okay.

I got a Kobo Reader for Christmas from my kids – so I have been going through the process of getting the books ready to load onto the reader. I don’t know if there is a library in Punta Gorda so these e-books will keep me entertained while starting my new life. I was hoping I would get one of these. Thanks kids!

living in Belize

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