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Getting Impatient!

Last vaccination done – on my way home I was feeling exhilarated – I wanted the time to be NOW, to just keep driving until I got to Belize. Long drive, I know and I will probably get there sooner if I wait and go by plane but I really felt like getting the jump on the next stage of my life and my career.

living in Belize

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15 Days To Go

Two weeks until I board the plane to my new life in Belize. Still so much to do, and this time of year makes it just a bit more difficult to get the tasks done. Not only am I packing to move to a warmer climate but we are packing to move my husband to a different home. What with it being Christmas and the visiting that goes with this holiday, to the double packing, to the trying to visit everybody to say good-bye, I am running out of time. When I was in Belize last time I didn’t finish getting my Twinrix shots so I have to arrange for the 3rd shot. Dentist visits, doctor visits, all sandwiched in between with Christmas and visiting and it is getting tight for time.
But, I am excited and if I don’t get everything done then that is okay.

I got a Kobo Reader for Christmas from my kids – so I have been going through the process of getting the books ready to load onto the reader. I don’t know if there is a library in Punta Gorda so these e-books will keep me entertained while starting my new life. I was hoping I would get one of these. Thanks kids!

living in Belize

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The Move Is On

17 days and counting. This is how many days are left before I get onto a plane with my husband bound for the sunny climes of Belize, located in Central America. My husband is coming with me for a week and coming home alone leaving me to establish our new lives in a new country.
Let me tell you how this decision came about.
Years ago I read a book about a couple who, in their mid-forties, sold all their belongings, and moved to an island in the middle of the Pacific from their home location of San Francisco. The island they moved to was Truk, which is somewhere between Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands – away from any major destinations. According to the story they took a ship to a popular port and then were taxied to Truk Island by another boat. When they arrived on this island their new lives began. They had to learn a new language, new cultures, all without the easy access to resources they enjoyed while in San Francisco. Reading through their story and I was hooked. This story stayed in my memory banks for many years and when I mentioned my dream to my husband, he too adopted the dream.
So now, move ahead 30 or so years and the opportunity has arisen for me to make the dream a reality. Can you say excited?

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